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Prospective Textbook Authors

If you’re a faculty colleague at a sister university and have authored an unpublished textbook on an ECE topic at the undergraduate level, you may want to consider publishing it under the Free ECE Textbook initiative.

The process consists of the following steps:

  • Contact Fawwaz Ulaby at to initiate a conversation about your textbook. If the subject matter of the textbook is appropriate for an undergraduate level ECE course, Prof. Ulaby will then ask you to send a copy of the manuscript.
  • The course topics of interest include (but are not limited to):
    • Electronic Circuits
    • Signals and Systems
    • Electromagnetics
    • Logic Design
    • EE Systems Design
    • Probabilistic Methods in Engineering
    • Analog Circuits
    • Digital Integrated Circuits
    • Semiconductor Devices
    • Optics
    • Digital Signal Processing
    • Embedded Systems
    • Microwave Circuits
    • MEMS
    • Power Electronics
    • Electric Machinery
    • Transistors
    • VLSI
    • Photonics
    • Computer Visions
    • Communication Systems
    • Control Systems
  • A submitted book manuscript undergoes a review process involving four or more instructors, affiliated with different universities, who currently teach a course on the book subject.
  • If the reviews are highly complimentary, the book undergoes a detailed editing process by a technical editor familiar with the subject matter.
  • The author then examines all questions and edits suggested by the reviewer and generates a new manuscript.
  • The next phase is the compositing step: page layout, figure design, cover design, etc.
  • Final stage: Production of PDF and Print Versions under the auspices of Michigan Publishing, an arm of the University of Michigan.

Costs: All costs for producing the textbook, including a one-time royalty to the author(s), will be covered by the ECE Department at the University of Michigan.